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Not exactly the basics part 1, but "sound on sound" mag keeps some articles, for example about the art of sampling, something about composing and mixing and so on HERE. Some few of the topics there, like using Reason or Logic,are of course outdated and not useable for Reaper-users. Their review of Reaper was, as most of us know, more of a praise.

And HEERIO they answer some questions about sound, for example their opinion to classics like "should I EQ or compress first" or "is reverb cumulative" and so on. After having read through the worthwhile links above, some of those SOS - articles might be of interest. And besides the already mentiones link to CM (Computermusic) - the mag is generally a good ressource for beginners too, dealing with how to use an EQ, a compressor, and much more. There are mixed feelings about those mags, but I like CM much since years.
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