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Originally Posted by D Rocks View Post
Nice thanks alot!!

I will wait for this while continuing to learn
Yesterday I managed to change mcp label color and move items around. Also was able ti make disappear items in my default 5.0 session mixer. I feel more optimistic now

My challenge is to center the vu meter with the fader; remove the mcp track height that is unused since I removed some items I dont need when mixing. Finally add custom buttons for havibg Trim/read/write automation modes to choose on every track rather than only one button.

Looking forward to learning more
Awesome, glad you are feeling better
about theming who knows you may be the next WT. Also if you are modding the default 5 theme you're probably having a discrepancy between what's in the themers guide and the code in that
theme simply because the guide came out before version 5 and the default V5 theme has a lot of neat macros and variables and scalar coordinate lists. Not that those things are WALTER, just
coding syntax dating way back, but you
can acheive what you want without being a programmer.
If you want to see just plain old WALTER in action download an older simpler theme. Of course learning all that
syntax is beneficial,
and there is tons of literature on the
web for learning variables, preprocessors, etc. Say for instance
for the C++ language. Here is my
tutorial for theming and building icons.
You will realize in your travels that
REAPER draws alot of elements with
myriad images, one on top of the other,
and it is crucial to learn which ones
and why and in what order.

There is a size limit for uploading things at the stash so make sure you download both parts of this archive and if you are not familiar with two-part archives place them both in the same folder and just open part 1 and unzip it. The unzipping program will do the rest . You will need WinRAR or 7-Zip.

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