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In short, I can't get a graphical slider to run commands in the @slider section in a JS plugin. I expected the slider_automate(sliderX) to do just that. Was I wrong?

In detail:

I have a graphical slider that I wish to use to adjust a basic JS slider1. The slider1 itself adjusts fine, but I can't get it to run the commands in the @slider section.

Say the graphical slider adjusts a parameter called "gfxslider". Even if:

parameter1 = slider1;


slider1 != gfxslider ? (
  slider1 = gfxslider;
The last part can be in @block or @sample, same result, slider1 changes but "parameter1" does not. Only way I've found is to have the "parameter1 = slider1" command in @block, @sample or @gfx instead of the @slider section.
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