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[You can't use your own wi-fi router with the XR18 for control surface connection. Period. Hard stop.] edit: I'm told this is not the case! You'll have to roam close to the stage if you use the built-in mixer to mix live.

But you said you're mixing live with Reaper anyway, so that would be a moot point!
And your router to computer connection for whatever your wireless control surface is is not part of the XR18 so you should be golden. Just using the XR18 as a USB audio interface. (Assuming this is what you are saying and not miscommunication!)

Have a SSD in that laptop for a system drive. Record to the free space on the SSD. (Have a big enough drive to do so.)

I've run live sound with Reaper for about 10 years now and recorded the full multitrack for every show for everything. You DO want to record to the SSD for that for the lowest CPU overhead. Never a glitch. I wouldn't consider recording to an external unless it was a thunderbolt connected SSD. But that would probably just work fine too.

Using a 2nd computer would require sharing a single interface with two computers BTW. That would be more complex and/or not possible. FYI, I used to use a C2D CPU laptop and could run sound with and record all 36 channels from two audio interfaces in aggregate device config with no issue. That was using like 96% CPU mind you but it was stable. The i7 machines just idle through all this.

If you are just recording with a computer and mixing with the built-in mixer in the XR18, you connect it with USB just like any USB audio interface. You can use relaxed latency settings and just about any computer from the last 15 years for such a thing.

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