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Default USB via Network

This thread inspired me to think about using the already available network cable also for the usb-audio.

I have a network 5-port switch which lets me connect my X-Touch and a Notebook (for visual feedback e.g. levels, FX,..) to the XR18.

I was thinking about using one of those relativly cheap usb to network adapters.

Something like this maybe....

One could use the same network cable for the control signals, which is midi and does not need a lot of bandwidth, right?

Using a second network switch on the stage which gets the network connection from the XR18 and the USB-audio
after it was connected to a USB to Cat network extender, seems to be neat solution (theoretically).
My notebook is a pretty fast machine and could handle both tasks flawlessly.
And one could check recording levels from the FOH which is not possible when a second notebook is on the stage.

Has anyone tried this?
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