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Originally Posted by pipelineaudio View Post
How do they make them so quiet? Are they super high output pickups then just turned down?
Most noisless singles (Area, kinman, Wilde, etc) use a small dummy coil stacked below the actual coil. Thre dummy coil is reverse wound so it cancels the noise much like a side by side humbucker.

The Zexcoils and Fluence are RADICALLY different designs from dummy coils . Zexcoil uses 6 small coils (1 per string). 3 coils are wound in one direction and 3 are RWRP. When summed the pickup is noisless. It a brilliant and elegant solution.

The Fluence are equally brilliant in that they don't have a traditional coil at all. They print a single "wind" on a wafer thin PCB and then stack many of these wafers to construct the "coil". This gives them unbelievable consistency and control over the sonic qualities of the pickup. They can make it sound like almost anything including 2 switchable variations on authentic single coil tone.
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