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Originally Posted by brainwreck View Post
I think you are being dazzling by the playing and the amp. With that quality of recording (and being dazzled by the player), I seriously doubt that you could tell much difference (if any) between a set of cheap ceramic pickups and the most expensive pickups that you could find to buy.

For what it is worth, I think that lace sensors sound good in their own right. I also think that they do not sound like classic strat single coils.

If any of these noiseless pickups did sound the same as classic strat pickups, everyone would be all over them, including guitar manufacturers. They would be standard equipment. Who doesn't want to kick the single coil noise? But they don't sound the same.
I've been through several iterations of noisless pickups starting with Bill Lawrence L280's 20 years ago. Those dummy coil type pickups have gotten REALLY good in recent years. Still only about 95% of true singfle coil tone but good enough for rock and roll as they say. IMO the Fluence and Zexcoils get the last 5%.
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