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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
It's not coil-wound wire, but copper printed on PCBs, that's the trick. Much more control in getting the tone you want out of pickup (also extremely consistent sound from one pickup to another on the assembly line), less inductance issues...
Yup. Besides being noiseless, the Fluence technology can be easily tuned for tonality and output which is why they can offer 2 switchable single coil voices. Another big plus is that the tonality does not change when you roll down the volume on the guitar. With passive pickups when you roll back the volume you lose alot of high end. You can put a treble bleed cap on the volume pot to maintain the treble but you'll still lose some bass as you roll back. Not with the fluence: same tone at any volume.

The only real draw back is that they need a 9V battery (or the expensive battery pack) and they wont interact with fuzz the way passive pickups do.

This is because fuzzes are very sensitive to the output impedance of your guitar. With passive pickups the output impedance CHANGES as you lower the volume knob giving you a glassy clean tone on 7 and full on fuzz with a fuzz face for example. But active pickups like the fluence have a FIXED output impedance regardless of the volume knob setting and I also believe they have a buffered output. Both of these qualities will interfere with the interactive nature of some fuzzes.
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