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Are there changes to the MIDI track and item color modes still considered?

There has certainly been a regression from the latest official release. Keep in mind that the reason to have track color mode enabled is so we can tell which track an event is playing on.
However, if we, say, have all our Strings tracks green and use brightness to distinguish between different string sections (Violins, Violas, Celli, Double Basses) the current version doesn't allow for this, because a wide range of different brightnesses will display as very much the same color in the MIDI editor:

Also look at the note in the upper right, it's on the active item. Why is it the darkest note on the screen, when it's acually on the brightest track?

In the official release things are not accurate as well, but at least there's a difference between very bright and pretty dark:

Why can't we have really accurate note colors in these modes in the first place? The regression happened when people complained that selection is not obvious enough in track/item color modes. But I don't think this is an improvement at all. It made an already not perfect situation even worse.

While selection is now more obvious when looking at a single track, it is hampering with the purpose of the mode. You'll choose this mode because you're looking at multiple tracks. But a selected note on a dark track can look scarily similar to an unselected note on a brighter track (this is no regression, happened in older versions as well, just in a different range of brightness):

(in this example, the upper note is from the dark track, but selected)

I think using brightness as a means to indicate selection is the wrong way to go, if the original color is nowhere retained. Please rethink this.
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