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Originally Posted by mccrabney View Post
^ as i mentioned the last time this came up, it might help in some track color cases to have the optional ability to assign a single color to all selected midi data, regardless of track

if i use 10 midi tracks and none of them are pink, pink would be an incredibly obvious indication of which data is selected and which is not -- rather than selection just changing the brightness of selected data.

obviously wouldn't work for every use case but we're deep in workflow weeds anyway, and in this example the proposition fits my needs while hopefully allowing for gofer's issues to be resolved
If that doesn't mean that in your example selected notes will be completely pink but still have an area (more that the tiny one pixel border) with the original track color, then I am with you. In track color mode I do want to know a note's track when it's selected as well.

Looking at my pics, a different issue jumps at me:
In the track list of the latest pre-release item names will only be shown when they are changed from Reaper's defaults. Instead it shows item position only. The pic from the release version shows them proper.

That test project was born rather hastily in my basic temlate (not orchestral) in the latest pre. I didn't even notice that I forgot to change item names after I chose to make the example about instrument groups in an orchestra... My lazyness is obvious in the pic with the same project in the release version.
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