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Originally Posted by Lokasenna View Post
From what I can tell items never have a name, it's the takes inside them (so if there's one take the item will always show that name).

Unfortunately it doesn't look like they can be nameless - the closest it will let me do is to just enter a space.

There is Xenakios/SWS: Rename takes with same name..., and it's a pretty quick script if you want one-click access to set them all.
Hi Loka, "Xenakios/SWS: Rename takes with same name" is what I'm using now, but you can only rename one item at a time.
I've got it setup so I can rename several items, one name at a time, it works by renaming each individual item, then
moves to the next item and the rename window comes up again. I can do this with up to 16 items at a time.

To get nameless items, or takes as you suggest I simply hit delete and then enter. Since it's not renaming the source
files, it seems to work.

What I'm doing is to make the takes nameless, and then rename them with the peak values of the item, which can be done
on selected items.

This is for working with samples and I've got over 500 samples I'm dealing with.
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