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I recommend upgrading to a SSD for the internal system drive as well.

It sounds like the original HDD is slowing down to the point that it can't handle both whatever system thing comes along at intervals + the audio project.

I don't have a direct answer about what might be trying to shuttle data to/from that drive every 10 minutes either.

A 1TB SSD is $140 nowadays. (Crucial. One of the big reliable chip makers like Samsung. Same 5 year warranty as the cheaper Samsung EVO models.) A 240GB is $50.

It's a strongly strongly recommended upgrade. The 2011 and 2012 Macs are still the flagship models. Significantly better machines than any of the post Jobs models that followed!

If you want to run diagnostics for a warm and fuzzy first, the service diagnostic is ASD 3S145. People share this online FYI. Check out ifixit for holding your hand take apart guides.

Run projects from the internal system SSD. Use spinners for backup drives. Unless you need large data drives. (4TB or more)
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