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My little RPi4 project continues with the hardware side coming together nicely now. Flight case hinges changed for the lift off type; high capacity power bank arrived; 5v to 9v step up buck to power the FCB1010. Still awaiting the EEPROM firmware upgrade for the RPi4 to enable boot from USB. Increasing my understanding little by little of the workflows I want to achieve. All well and good.

So last night I received a call which has sent the few neurons I have left into a slight spin. A mate is organising acts at the newly built local village hall and called to say he could do with some of my gear to uplift his PA and monitoring. Next springtime a fairly prominent, and long standing UK based folk rock band are booked in. The opportunity to assist in the crew is great but also, to create a field based recorder [to coin Michael's phrase] and a media copier to sell thumb drives and the like of the show experience. Seems like more projects for Reaper in the Live with its mate the RPi! Onwards and forwards.
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