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Default v5.980+dev0711 - July 11 2019

v5.980+dev0711 - July 11 2019
+ MIDI action bindings: faster screen updates when processing batches of messages
+ Notation editor: better handling for custom accidentals in key signatures that are enharmonic to C major [t=222761]
+ Performance: improve track panel UI behavior with large track counts (this will likely break tons of small things, please post any weirdness you see!)
# macOS: fix retina monitoring FX button in project tab list

Full changelog / Latest pre-releases

Other additions,..
+ ASIO: permit buffer sizes that are not a power of 2 if the device does not very specifically request otherwise [t=200746]
+ Automation items: remove preference to attach automation items to the underlying envelope (superseded by per-automation-item transition time setting)
+ Envelopes: add action to attach automation items to underlying envelope
+ Fade editor: fixed an obscure possible bug
+ FX: allow embed of some plug-in UIs into TCP (done via action or FX menus)
+ FX: embed support for ReaEQ, ReaXComp, ReaComp, ReaSurround, and graphical JSFX
+ Keyboard: add "Main (override all contexts including text fields)" section which allows global keyboard overrides
+ macOS: add (default) option to retina-render themed elements on old themes (sharper text)
+ macOS: add prefs/general/advanced options to disable retina support
+ macOS: added "force layer" drawing mode in preferences/general/advanced
+ macOS: optimize drawing speed on newer macOS versions/retina displays (when in automatic mode in preferences/general/advanced)
+ macOS: retina display improvements (retina display of arrange, ruler, MIDI editor, etc)
+ macOS: use Metal display output on 10.11+ for various windows
+ macOS: workaround appearance issues when user forces dark mode rendering for app (requires Metal to be enabled) [t=222366]
+ MIDI editor: 14-bit registered parameter/non-registered parameter CC editing
+ MIDI editor: add CC lane mouse modifier to insert a single CC event
+ MIDI editor: add option to display note length in velocity lane
+ MIDI editor: always select the associated note when clicking on velocity stem, regardless of user preference to select CC event on single click
+ MIDI editor: display CC events as square envelopes rather than bars
+ MIDI editor: draw CC/velocity as dots and lines rather than bars
+ MIDI editor: fix incorrect CC event drawing when coloring notes by velocity
+ MIDI editor: improve hidpi/retina drawing
+ MIDI editor: repopulate raw MIDI display window when switching active media item
+ MIDI editor: respect CC drawing density preference
+ Misc: fixed a few minor memory leaks
+ Notation editor: add multi-tremolo support
+ Performance meter: improve win32 hidpi drawing
+ ReaFIR: add context menu mode configuration
+ Render: support rendering only selected regions in an existing region render matrix [t=193405]
+ Resampler: Added SSE2-optimized sinc calculation (from Theo Niessink)
+ Resampling: optimize and improve quality of resampling at whole ratios and for common rates
+ Splash screen: improve win32 HiDPI
+ Toolbars: improve hidpi/retina sizing (including editor and icon picker)
+ Track wiring diagram view
+ UI scaling: apply advanced preference scaling changes immediately
+ UI scaling: fix theme rendering bugs when using custom scaling
+ WALTER: add additional 8 font slots
+ Windows: HiDPI display improvements (auto-rescale more UI when running HiDPI aware)

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