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Originally Posted by Goldreap View Post
Without going into specifics about possible wirings the first thing to understand is that a 'super switch' is essentially two 5-way switches braced together in parallel that operate in tandem (from one slider knob) and are internally separate from each other electrically. Well, the one I have is.
IDK what you have, but this is not true of the actual SuperSwitch.

A standard strat 5-way is actually a DP3T switch almost identical to the the one found in a standard (two pickup) telecaster. The very first strats actually used exactly the same switches as the teles, and therefore could only activate one pickup at a time. But those are make-before-break switches, which means that in between positions there is a spot where both neighboring contacts are conducting to the pole at the same time. Somebody figured out you could wedge that old 3-way switch into the middle positions and get completely new tones. Then somebody else figured out a way to add detents to those positions and then about everybody started doing it and then Leo decided to start doing it just right at the factory.

The SuperSwitch is a true 4P5T switch where each position has it's very own lug, which isn't quite as convenient if you want standard strat sounds (it takes two poles just to switch the pickups and then you still need one for tone controls), but allows you to do a lot of things that a strat switch just plain can't.

Like most people said, though, you still only get 5 positions. You just get a bit more choice over what those positions are. A lot of people will use them in conjunction with one or more separate sort of "mode" switches which can give you more than one set of five tones.

Go over by GuitarNutz. There are scads of wiring ideas there, and a great group of really smart guys to help you figure out what you want, how to get it, and what went wrong when you tried to wire it up. I moderate a couple of the boards over there, though I kind of fell off a while back.

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