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Thanks much, that's great stuff to know. I really had no idea that a USB 2.0 connection would handle that much bandwidth.

The only thing I wonder about is latency, especially since I normally record at 48/24. The UMC1820 product specs claim “ultra-low latency”, but what that means exactly, who knows. Reading some product reviews around the web, I haven't seen anyone claiming a problem in that department though.

I'll likely go with this unit and see how it works out... Probably will purchase it from Amazon, as they've got a pretty liberal refund policy if it doesn't.


I referenced this in my original post:

“After all tracks are recorded, they are transferred via a USB connection on the recorder over to my PC, to add as individual media items in REAPER.”

So, of course it was never meant to function as a USB audio interface. The recorder's USB connection's sole purpose in life is to export/import individual tracks to my PC, and ultimately into the DAW. The tracks themselves are recorded on SD cards, internal to the recorder.

Once again, what I'm interested in is a USB audio interface to eliminate the Tascam completely, and record everything directly into REAPER.
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