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Default Quickstart PDF manuals

(2012 June 23rd) : Added a small hardware guide to Quality Live casting on a budget.

(2011 September 26th): Added locations of the "Insert Virtual Instrument on new track..." to the Multi-Out VSTi PDF. To cut things short, the command is available in the Insert menu at the top and by right-clicking in the empty track control panel area to the left of the arrangment area.

Here are the first three. You're welcome to post ideas for new ones. If you're having trouble with an area of Reaper that you think could do with a Quickstart manual, please post here.

These manuals only a few pages in length at the most, and are layed out to leave no room for error. If you think the manuals can be improved, please post your ideas here.

Left-click on the links. You'll be taken to a download page on

Quickstart manuals

Audio Device Setup

This guide asks you to pick the ASIO sound system. In OSX you don't get a choice between different sound systems, so simply pick your sound device on OSX. Other than that, the guide applies to OSX as well.

Midi Device Setup

VST Instruments with multiple stereo outputs

Hardware Guide for Live casting on a budget

Video Playback and Export in Reaper

How to Play and Export videos in Reaper

more Video Support information(Wiki)

Some information for post production users (Wiki)

Dialogue/FX Editor & Re-Recording Mixer
(Video)Using Latch Preview
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