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Originally Posted by Xiatar View Post
I'm very happy with my TC Electronic Konnekt 24D. The newest version of this is the Impact Twin:
I almost bought an Impact Twin a few months back, then started hanging out at the TCE forums. Unfortunately, I've seen a disproportionately high number of problems with this unit -- upshot being, I can't recommend it at this time.

That said, I was impressed by the specs and price point of the discontinued Konnekt 24D... enough to buy a "slightly used" unit on Ebay. Works beautifully (so far). I've even purchased a new Konnekt 6. No issues with that model either.

Bottom line, IMO, TC Electronic makes quality interfaces, but I think they may have a lemon on their hands with the Impact Twin. I have no qualms about recommending the Konnekt 6, 8 and 24D (Latter two were discontinued early this year, but you may still be able to find a new/slightly used one at a bargain price).
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