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My TC-konnekt 24D works fine for three years now.

A year ago I had considered changing for the TC-Impact.
I asked the French tech support what were the differences between these two devices:

"I would like to know the differences with the Impact Twin TC: is it only a makeover of the Konnekt 24D or are there really differences other than housing?"

Interesting answer :

"The hardware is slightly different. But it's really minimal.
The software is different, but basically follows the same functions presented differently. The routing matrix is more flexible - The channel strip are included (compression - EQ - De-esser) while you must insert the Fabrik C 24D."

Even more interesting is the conclusion:

"Il n' y a pas vraiment de raison suffisante de changer pour l'impact twin."
(There is no real reason to switch to the Impact Twin)
Gérard Delassus
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