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Not being a programmer myself, I probably don't understand the intricacies of bug fixing. However, I do know that if this was an opensource program I could put up with the back and forth in forums trying to fix issues etc and know that a fix was just around the corner.

This is a program that expects a recording engineer to pay $200 for a commercial licence. Yes, this is a small amount compared to shelling out for Samplitude / Cubase etc. But I have news for you - this is not a commercial grade application yet. It has so much potential though. I just don't understand why the new version hasn't sorted normalization. OK - it's "better" to quote the changelog but is this really good enough?

Reaper has already let me down several times either through crashing, cutting short the final wav render, normalization. I want to support this program but finding it increasingly difficult to part with my cash. When it comes to pro situations I'm still with my trusty Sonar.
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