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Something is in the making, cool.

Tried quickly v0.04 and v0.05, we have already the Excel table, great, thanks a lot sai'ke for starting also this!
- insert/backspace for shifting an item for 1 beat also works
- shifting in arrange shifts in Sequencer (of Hackey Patterns)
- items are called 'patterns', better would be simply using 'items' keeping Reaper conventions. UPDATE: NO, in hackey patterns, patterns are items + automation items, so it is more than only Reaper items. So this new term makes sense. One can imagine it as a pattern of a hardware sequencer like on (S)Elektron machines or Korg.
- we can add patterns, counting is 1-based, first pattern should use 0 however, like in buzz, not 1
- Still have to make sure that when patterns are deleted, the media item adjacent is also stretched to fill up the space. I guess this is for the auto-looping feature. Following action might help hopefully:
PHP Code:
  Time selection
Set time selection to items
Split items at time selection
Glue items
or only the last one, the kawa lua.

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