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Hello, I've been trying this script and really like it. There are some ideas I would like to share. These are based on a rock song first mixed with a standard workflow. As always, all of these are subjective.

- visually different arrows for master send vs fx sends, e.g. dashed line. A tree with only master/folder sends is linear and no visual line crossing is possible. With fx sends coming to play, the graph gets messy in 2D. Lines coming into and also out from send nodes should be dashed.

- highlight signal IN lines with modifier+mousehover. With a standard hover, highlight only OUT lines.

- machine nodes do not need shadows. They are cluttering the ui.

- calculate if the font is white or black based on the underlaying track's color. Do not use outlines/shadows.

- option to open FX chain (is that what "Open FX list should do?". It just opens the first fx, same as alt+doubleclick)

- hide wires does not work

- mousewheel over vol or pan know should change the value instead of sooming

- the mute button margin on a node is not changing with zooming, it is always set to a fixed number of pixels

- add a solo button to a node

- in night mode, node selection highlight could be light

- do not show tracks that have *separ* in the name of the layout

- better sorting of nodes. This is probably an advanced request. Later I can give some more ides about functionality.

That's it for now. Hope you'll find these useful.
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