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Default Help. Reaper keeps selecting other tracks, can't make it stop

My Reaper keeps changing the active channel, to another channel than I want.

It constantly jumps three tracks below the one I'm currently got selected. It just will not stop, I can't even record because the track focus will jump three tracks down and continue record my keystrokes there. And I can't play my piano keyboard for the same reason. Have to change back to the formerly selected one, all the time.

I don't know what makes it do this and I could use some help in trouble solving it. It has just started happening, I don't remember it happening in Reaper before and I have not connected any new hardware to my workstation recently.

The track focus jumps three tracks down mostly when I'm playing my MIDI keyboard (and using the sustain pedal along with it). But it also jumps when I'm not playing my keyboard, when I'm not touching anything. I am not touching any other controls than my piano keyboard. I've spent a while making sure there are no stuck keys anywhere, or weights weighing down some key or whatever.

I got no macros or shortcuts designed to react off of piano keys, I've just checked all 127 of them including the sustain pedal.

It never jumps upwards, in the opposite direction like three tracks up, it's always three tracks down, no matter what plugin configuration I got loaded on it.

Further, I got this feeling that it may be connected to certain keys on the keyboard, because it mostly seems to flip tracks when I play a certain passage in the song on the keyboard. I'm not talking about 'a passage' as in 'a timeline position on the ruler'. Instead, I'm talking about having Reaper stopped and playing a chord progression passage on my piano keyboard. But it doesn't always flip when I play that passage. It's weird.

Also I don't think it's a Reaper bug, because if so then lots of people would've reacted to this already. But I am on Win10 pro r1903 x64, Reaper 5.984 x64

Could use some help in speculating how to stop this from happening.
Thanks in advance
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