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Originally Posted by A_SN View Post
Now I have a user complaining about how the plugin 'steals' key strokes, I personally don't have any keyboard-related code, I don't use any keys at all, can you help me with that? This is what they say:

First, it steal space button shortcut in FL Studio and studio one. In FL studio, I can hit the "don't allow keyboard shorcut" on plugin wrapper settings, but if I do that, I will lose mousewheel support. In studio one, it just steal it, there is no way to fix it. You need to fix it on your code and so on..
With my WDL edition, when you activate the GUI by clicking in it using the mouse, IPlug indeed "steals" the keyboard focus the ensure mouse wheel support. You could disable this (just comment out the SetFocus under WM_MOUSEACTIVATE in IGraphicsWin.cpp), which will probably fix the issue with FL Studio, but then you'd end up with poor mouse wheel support in most other Windows hosts. I don't really know how to fix this, although in theory you could detect FL Studio, and then decide not to SetFocus only for that specific host.

As for Studio One: I haven't tested my plug-ins in Studio One, nor have I had any feedback (good or bad) from my userbase. Perhaps I will download the demo one of these days, but I don't have the time right now. Sorry!
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