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Originally Posted by gofer View Post
It would be extremely helpful for screencaps which explain functions and workflows if licecap had distinguishable illustration of mouse right and middle click. And if it could display which modifier key (ctrl,alt,shift and win on a WIN os) is held. That would spare us lots of explanation in an accompanying text.

Also, it doesn't seem to capture context menus for me.

If you ever find a bit of spare time for this, would be kind
It would be extremely helpful if Licecap on OS X even worked at all. It only seems to 'capture' the mouse clicks it is generating itself (and the mouse clicks don't 'fall through' either):

And shouldn't it ideally show *any* key presses? Modifier keys alone aren't enough. And their names should reflect both the underlying OS as well as what they're mapped to in REAPER (e.g. on OS X you'd have Option and Command modifiers, and no Windows key).

Btw, check out ScreenFlow if you're looking for a great screencap app. Onoes... you're on Windows. Oops.
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