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There are still some strings that don't appear in the template file or won't translate for some reason.
  • Several strings in the "About REAPER" dialog (especially the "Purchase" tab, where hashes for entries in "License type:" are not available) and in the caption of main window.
  • String "<prompt on load>" in the langpack selector and Preferences -> Genaral
  • Strings in submenu of "Switch toolbar" menu
  • Strings in submenu of menu when right-clicking FX I/O button
    • 10A39DA0E45862D7=Audio input and 60088D80879236E8=Audio output "Left" and "Right"
    • CBA27F2F49239756=MIDI input "MIDI input enabled"
    • MIDI output "Replaces MIDI bus (default)" and "Merges with MIDI bus" (these strings are translated but still appear in English)
    • "MIDI Bus xx" (where "Bus" is probably the same as "channel"?)
  • Strings in rolldown of [DLG_438] ; IDD_CUSTOMIZE_MENU
  • Screensets/Layouts window:
    • The Tabs' captions
    • When "Edit shortcuts" is clicked, appears "screenset: window set #" in the filter of the action window and the actions appear in the list, but when using a non-english langpack, these actions are translated, which leads to an empty list.
  • Menu View -> Video Window
    • No strings for complete window including its menu
  • String in window "Transient Detection Settings"
    • "Move by at least 1 pixel when navigating by transients"
  • Window "MP3 File Properties"
    • All strings
    • Strings "MIDI input:" and "MIDI output:"
  • Strings in message box "MIDI Editor timebase help"
  • Strings in message box "VST scanning error + note"
    • All strings including caption
  • Strings in window "Preferences -> Editing Behavior -> Automation"
    • All strings are translated, but the hashcodes have changed. (rolldowns appear translated though)
  • Strings in Theme blend/alpha dialog (probably needs to be a bigger window for translated text)
  • Strings in "Save" and other dialogs that use the following ones:
    • "Create subdirectory for project"
    • "Copy all media into project directory, using:"
    • "Convert media"
    • "Format..." (Well, it's the same in German)
    • "Trim"
    • "Move all media into project directory"
  • strings in "Save track template" dialog
    • The caption itself i.e. "Save track template"
    • "Include track items in template"
    • "Include envelopes in template"
  • Strings in the bwf-chunk rolldown of the "Format", "Render", "Project settings" and possibly other dialogs where they are used.
    • "Do not include markers or regions"
    • "Markers + regions"
    • "Markers + regions starting with #"
    • "Markers only"
    • "Markers starting with # only"
    • "Regions only"
    • "Regions starting with # only"
  • Caption of Window "Choose format for Apply FX/Glue/Freeze/etc"
  • String in "Project Settings" dialog on tab "Media". won't translate as well:
    • "Set media format for Apply FX, Glue, Freeze, Open Copy, etc:"
  • Strings in dialog [DLG_262] ; IDD_TCCONFIG in the rolldown for inputs: "MTC: All Inputs" and "SPP: All Inputs"
  • String "Enable track metering" in Track Performance menu
  • String "Recently used" in submenu of fx-add menu (should probably be in [fxadd])
  • String "Update all similar items in project with new filename" in "Select replacement file:" dialog
  • String "Create new database..." in menu on left side of Media explorer (probably this: [explorer_MENU_103] ; IDR_CONTEXTMENU)
  • String "Media explorer" in the "Section:" rolldown of the actions window won't be displayed translated whatsoever, no matter what I try.
    • Strings in the input field at "Shortcut:" when inputting MIDI
  • Dialog "Create new database" completely
  • String "Region/Marker Manager" in/for docker tab
  • Strings in "Region/Marker Manager" menu
    • "Import regions/markers (replace existing)..."
    • "Import regions/markers (merge with existing)..."
    • "Export regions/markers..."
  • All Strings in [DLG_511] ; IDD_WILDCARD_HELP except the caption

This list might not be complete, but I'm referring mainly to 'old' strings anyway, not to strings for changed or new functions, that couldn't have been in the template anyway.

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