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Originally Posted by Mink99 View Post

Ok, you made me act.....
I went to the electronics store and bought some parts....
The plan is :
... to create a box that delivers a synchronised mtc and midi clock with selectable bpm and no spp.
... Not as accurate as an atomium clock, but ....

Two midi outs, one will go into reaper (mtc) one will go into the midi patchbay or through box for clock.
A button will provide a start / stop.

As I will use only hard coded bpm, would a range of 60-200 without fractions or tempo changes be sufficient ?
Also mtc hardcoded on 30 fps ?
Ah... ok, great that I made you "act" :-)
I'm no expert at all with regards to MTC, MIDI clock, SPP - thus you're the boss here :-)
I can only state that someone might use as well 240 bpm or less than 60, but that is not my case anyway ;-)
I plan to have it finished ASAP , maybe two weeks or so...

I bought parts for two , so if you like, you could get one for testing (if i can get it running)
Oh, that's nice, thanks Mink! I'm interested and I want to see/hear from you what you will achieve, first of all!
In the meantime, I'm still looking towards any way to have my DAW synced to external clock.
I mean: Ableton Live just is "plug'n'play" when it comes to sync to external clock! It syncs without any fuss to SBX-80 and Midibro (Midipal).
Why is this not working with either Reaper or Logic Pro X?

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