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Misc100: You are right about it being helpful if those of us who are NOT having any issues state what we are using.

In my case it is 100% RME for interfaces - one pci, one USB.
One pc is a win 8.1pro 64bit laptop with i5 and 8gb ram - I installed the early pres up to when it went public beta and had very few issues.
The last technical preview build was spot on with zero problems.
Because of this I havent bothered with the public preview releases.

The other machine went on Win10 tech pre later in the cycle because it is my studio desktop.
i7 with 16gb running win8.1 pro 64bit. Again, no problems at all. A very boring beta test experience frankly.

Not sure why anyone is worried about Win8.1 at this stage in the game. The underlying architecture of 7 8 8.1 and ten is pretty much the same.
If it works in 7 the chances of it NOT working in 10 are vanishingly slim at this stage.
Go have a look at the forum in the windows insider forum and you will see what sort of real issues there are with 10. Nothing that I can see at this stage that will affect us as DAW users.,

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