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Art Evans
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I decided that my XP machine which is 7 years old now might not last much longer, so I've bought a shiny new PC with as advanced a spec as I could afford (then spent $500 more) currently running Windows 7. I've put a few key programs on that (including Reaper of course) and I'll upgrade that to W10 as soon as convenient (and as soon as it actually downloads - I suspect they may spread out the download over several weeks). If that goes OK I'll gradually do the same for the rest of my machines. And of course if it doesn't (unlikely) then I won't have screwed up an essential PC.

However - on the XP PC I have an Echo Mia Midi card, and a firewire card, and it will be interesting to see if W10 drivers for these appear in due course, as ideally I'd like to install them in the new PC later.
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