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Compensating for my lovelly humor**

Keeping things alive 'working' is one thing, drivers that will make Full use of your gear another.
Just to be able to reach internet is good, so make sure you have drivers on a partition outside of the OS c:\ or on a USB.
And this precaution of having the driver like this is so, you can get more drivers and\or help.
Sometimes you can use drivers through compatibility mode with drivers made for Windows7, sometimes 8\8.1 also, that will give you full use.
Still early and we all want our stuff to be 100%, and some companies are quicker then others. *me zips*
If you can, try or pre-find out on specific gear what people say and in this case, 'internet whiners' can be usefull.
Ps, i disslike 'soon' very much right now.
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