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Default Whole bar rest position

Great to see a notation editor finally being added to REAPER!

Three obvious things I notice on taking a first look which affect readability:

1. Whole bar rests should "hang" from the 4th line (counting from the bottom - i.e., Treble clef D, Bass Clef F, Alto Clef E), and not from the 3rd line as at present.

2. Note head size/placement: These are slightly too small in relation to the stave, making them less easy to read than they might be...

Noteheads in a space should fill the space and touch both stave lines on either side (above and below). Currently (as of pre 5), there is a gap between the noteheads and the stave line below them.

3. Similar to no.2 above. Time Signatures - these should fill the height of a 5-line stave. Again, currently there is a gap between the bottom of the Time Signature and the lowest stave line.

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