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Inserting new events in the wrong channel in the MIDI editor is an all-too-easy mistake to make, particularly after switching the active track. I have therefore uploaded three new scripts to ReaPack that will hopefully make it easier to set the appropriate MIDI channels for new events (and for track sends):

js_Option - Selecting single note or CC in active take sets channel for new events:

With this new option, the user can switch to the correct channel by simply clicking a note or CC of the new track. It is intended to be similar to the built-in action "Option: Drawing or selecting a note sets the new note length" (but for channel instead of note length).

js_Option - Switching active take sets channel for new events to channel of existing events:

If this option is activated, the default MIDI channel for new events will automatically be set to the channel of existing MIDI events in the newly active track, whenever the active track is switched. (If the existing MIDI events in the track use more than one channel, the default channel will be set one of these channels, usually - but not always - the channel of the very first event in the take.) The first MIDI event written to a track therefore determines the channel of subsequent events. This option emulates having a default channel per track, with the advantage that the user can still override the default channel when necessary.

js_Set MIDI send channel of selected tracks to channel of existing MIDI events in track:

Similar to the older js_Autoincrement MIDI send channels of selected tracks script, the new script is particularly useful when opening large MIDI files, to ensure that each track's MIDI is sent to a single, unique channel.

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