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In summary, "How do I?":

Define a key which has two states (Latching - On/Off. i.e. Zoom).
- By this I mean, a key that can be either 'up'(off) or 'down'(on) and it stays there until you press it again. I want to be able to use this to assign different functions to keys - depending on whether the key is up or down.

Define a key that has a 'temporary' state (Non-Latching i.e. Shift key).
- By this I mean, a key that is pressed immediately before a second key is pressed (and then both are released at once). Again I want this to assign a different funtion to the (second) key pressed.

If I knew how to do this I would able to finish this 01X surface .dll - and it'd work more usefully than it does with the DAW it was originally designed to work with!
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