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Default ReaChorder Extension - Part II.

I've opened this new thread for Reachorder, as the other one is getting somewhat dated and confusing.

What is ReaChorder?

ReaChorder is a Python extension/plugin that enables you to generate songs in MIDI format. It does this by applying music theory. You can choose song formula, the key and whether it needs to be Major or Minor. It then uses the circle of fifths to propose chord progression and randomly chooses and combines different chord inversions, melodies and bass lines. So each time you press the button, you get something completely new. Sometimes it sounds cool, sometimes random and not so cool. It can generated chords, melodies, bass lines and drum patterns all at the click of a button. It also comes with many drum-patterns.

ReaChorder works best on Windows. Although some MAC users successfully run it, there is no guarantee


Minimum required software
Reaper 4.5.2+:
Python 3.3:
SWS extension v2.4.0 #1:

Any version above or below might work, but is not tested.

Tutorials on how to install Python and debug it
Install Python on Windows:
How to install Python for Reaper:
Mac OS tkinter issues? See:
Stackoverflow Python questions:
Old ReaChorder thread:

I cannot give support on Python, Windows or Mac. As I do not have the resources or time to test all possible configurations. If you want to know how to install Python, then follow the above links. If it still doesn't work, please open a new thread or ask on Stackoverlfow where many Python experts can answer your questions. So please, only post bug reports relating to the extention and/or Reaper itself. This keep this thread tidy and on-topic.

ReaChorder in Action:

Animated Images/Clips are kindly hosted by

Audio demo
Quick example of what it came up with:


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