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Sorry no mac here, did not test this yet, but just for the fun of it, will test it now in wine in ubuntu 14.04 lts, 32-bit of windows Reaper in wine, reporting back here how it went.

Which python do I have?
: python --version
Python 2.7.6

Let us try with this older python version first, maybe it will work even the requirements tell python 3.3+ is needed.

Putting content into Scripts directory.

Going to action list, loading the py file. All supported files shows only .eel and .lua, so have to activate python somewhere first. Options, Preferences, Plug-ins, ReaScript. No compatible version of Python was found. Ok, have to install it for wine extra. Then I can install v3.3 instead. Let us take the closest version number then Python 3.3.5 - 2014-03-09 from this link:

I take the 32-bit version:
(20.7 MB in size), installed for all users.

Closing, restarting Reaper shows now Python: python33.dll is installed. Good. Now I check "Enable Python for use with ReaScript". Apply. OK.

Back to action list, now the file types list showing also 'Python files (*.py)', great. Select, open. Run '' and the window opened, no error messages. Wonderful.

Quick test if it works. Create an item, open in midi editor. Run, yes it works. Whatever tab you enable with 'Draw' is drawn after a 'Draw into MIDI take' click.

vanhaze, my friend, you could try something similar maybe, just taking the closest older version of python, not the latest. Ok I had windows version which was tested. Now some mac user should hopefully report here how they could get it working. Come on mac and ReaChorder users, help vanhaze, thanks.

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