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Default [5.70] MIDI Overdub Mode Intermittently Fails to Record After Splitting Items


Ran into an issue just now where MIDI overdub only works on certain portions of a looped and split MIDI item. I can't duplicate it in a new project so I made a stripped down version of my project file and config and attached it here. I have lots of project backups of previous versions and states if they need to be provided.

Cannot overdub MIDI notes when recording starts anywhere between measures 5 and 17 of the MIDI item in this specific project.


OS: Mac OSX 10.12.6
Reaper 5.70 64-bit

Steps I recall taking before this happened:

- I looped a midi item that was recorded with Record: input, then added 2 splits to create 3 items.
- I switched to MIDI overdub/replace and attempted to overdub some notes on the 2nd item.

There's a good chance I made some of these edits while playing the song, as I often will make some slices while playing a section and deciding what to re-work or adjust. You can see in the project where I split the item, as it originally was one item looped the whole way through.

Side note, I wonder if it's related to this issue here? They never uploaded a project file or anything so it's difficult to tell. I'm pretty lucky that I was the one playing when it didn't work. I just went back and did the take over. This could be incredibly frustrating however if I was recording a session player or something like that, so I'd love to understand why this occasionally happens.
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