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Default Not to bump an old thread but I got questions

I'm a truck driver and been listening to Reaper radio this last week while driving. I noticed that I could listen for just over 3 hrs before I started hearing repeats so I'm guessing its a pretty decent sized playlist. Hence my questions,

1) Does it just scan the stash box for new songs and add them to the playlist? So when someone uploads one it automagically gets added?

2) Is there any "weight" added to newer songs so they are played a little more often than the older ones or is it a true random playlist?

3) When songs are submitted do they need to be LUFS compliant or does whatever software you are using use any processing?

4) Is it possible to get some listening/song stats?

5) Is it permissible to, if someone has the time and drive, to put together a show/podcast (talk about Reaper, interviews with developers/producers/musicians) to be included in the playlist? Or maybe do a live show as a dj/announcer?

6) What software are you using to run it?

Just wondering because I've been doing music podcasting/internet radio off and on since 2005. Played alot with Centovacast, Zararadio, IDJC and Sourcefabric's Airtime.
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