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Originally Posted by lb0 View Post
gfx.dest = -1 which would set the target to the main gui window buffer.

If Lokasenna's library utilizes any separate gfx backbuffer - then you may need to be blitting to this instead of the main -1 buffer.

Also - you're not expressely setting the alpha value - gfx.a = 1 will ensure what you're blitting is opaque (although there are rarely reasons to set it to 0 - which would be the only case to make the image completely invisible).
I tried this, but still no image...

	gfx.init("Logo Image Test",1600,400)
	buffer_id = 12 -- top layer
	gfx.x = 5
	gfx.y = 5
	gfx.w = 1600
	gfx.h = 400
	gfx.dest = -1
	-- gfx.setimgdim(buffer_id,gfx.w, gfx.h)
	gfx.loadimg(buffer_id,"C:/OneDriveTemp/OneDrive/Media Ministry/bg.jpg" ) -- load imagefile into framebuffer 100

I did find out that while the Console Message Box is displayed (that's the MsgBox), the image DOES show, but after clicking 'OK' it is quickly covered by the gray of the script. Now I know it is working. I guess the next thing to do is to find out what 'layer' the background gray is on, and make the image one step above that.
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