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Originally Posted by Jack Winter View Post
I haven't looked at the LinVst code for ages and don't remember hardly anything about it. Here is another quick fix that appears to take care of it. Caveat I don't really understand the code, and don't know why vfork() is being used, neither what the loop and usleep() are good for. All in all it seems a little bit hacky to do it this way (my patch below), and it probably does need some more work with proper error checking, etc, or even another solution using a signal handler.

Still in a quick 5 minute testing on my laptop it seems to get rid of the zombie processes both when scanning and removing plugins. No guarantees, YMMV and all that

Change the destructor in remotevstclient.cpp to:

I don't know how I ended up with that code, I've changed LinVst 2.4.1 to wait(NULL); and changed vfork to fork as you suggested, so the zombies should be ok.
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