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Originally Posted by Sangeppato View Post
Hey @osxmidi, first of all thank you so much for your amazing job!

As the LinVst developer, in your experience is there a significant performance hit running VSTs through wine and livst compared to native plugins? If so, how big?
Is it advisable to use them as daily driver for recording or overall it's just better to stick to windows, from a performance only point of view? I'm mainly interested in small amp sims from Lepou and Ignite, nothing crazy, but sometimes I ask myself if I'm missing out..
Wine is slower but by how much seems to vary from system to system.

From my testing, one of the things that can affect latency is the vst GUI believe it or not.

It seems that the way Wine translates the Windows vst GUI to Linux can vary from card to card and maybe affect the Wine audio processing part.

If you are trying to get realtime recording with low latency then LinVst might work ok but it might depend on the system as well.

An i5/i7 with a fast graphics card and a recording interface capable of low latency with it's Linux Drivers and a realtime or low latency kernel with irq priorities setup (rtirq script) would probably be the best system.

Some seem to have been able to use amp sims ok with LinVst on their systems

If you feel ok with Windows and don't want to experiment a bit with Linux and maybe not get the results you would be happy with then maybe sticking to Windows would be the way to go, it's hard to say exactly.
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