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Using wineasio and qjackctl, looking at htop
while one SampleTank 3 standalone exe is running, shows
four entries in htop, each with a separate PID

The readings for VIRT, RES, and SHR, and MEM% are the same
for all four SampleTank 3 entries, but the CPU% enries
differ, the first entry highest, and each subsequent entry lower,
but with the fourth entry always at 0.0
have similar benefits

I'm trying to determine if linux is imposing multi-thread,
or multicore performance on Sampletank 3, via wine/wineasio,
as SampleTank 3 reportedly does not support multicore
performance. If linux intercedes at that level,
perhaps other windows standalone apps will benefit in some ways
when used in linux.

As an aside, the SampleTank 4 release has had four version updates
in a short time to fix an array of bugs and limitations,
I hope at some point a lite version will be bundled with a cheap
but good useful hardware,
as there are some excellent features, effects, and sound quality
gains in the new version, once it gets fully sorted.
V3 runs well, sounds fine, so buying V4 outright would not have
been cost effective in my case.

Thanks for any cpu usage insights.
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