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Default Hard Crash on Fedora 31/GNOME 3.34

I have been receiving random crashes with REAPER on Fedora 31, which includes a bump of GNOME to 3.34. The crashes happen while opening some dialogues, including, some save dialogues and the I/O routing dialogue. I've had it happen a few other places as well, but not as consistently as those two reproducible use cases.

When running on Wayland, this will crash the entire session and dump me to the login screen. When running on X11 it will crash REAPER and reset the display without closing other applications or logging out.

I have had this happen with the Fedora 31 Workstation beta, as well as with Fedora 31 Silverblue.

I am wondering if any other users have experienced similar issues with GNOME 3.34, especially on other distros. Furthermore, I would love to help debug this issue if someone can point me in the right direction to do so.
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