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Originally Posted by dagovitsj View Post
Thanks for the tip, I have done that now. Hope he has time to answer me

MPL's script works as it should! He answered me and explained that when I imported the files named: Kick.wav, Snare Top.wav and Bass.wav - the tracks also got these names, so when i run the script it appeared as if nothing happened, because they didn't move. MPL pointed out that if I deleted the name of the tracks so they were blank and run the script, the items would move to the top 3 tracks which were named Kick, Snare Top and Bass (and had no items) - I tested it, and it worked as it should!

BUT, how do I turn off the automatic naming function when importing my wav files? I want the track names to be blank and only have the items named similar to the wav files I'm importing. There have to be a place to deactivate this function? Or do you run a script to move the track names?

@ jackmilas and todoublez - how do you do this?

Thanks again, I found the last piece of the puzzle:
Preferences > Media > Automatically name unnamed tracks on media import [unticked]

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