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Originally Posted by Ozman View Post
Maybe, just maybe...
So Zplane DeCoda looks pretty cool, as it claims to be able to extract chords from polyphonic audio.

I believe BIAB is using some Zplane technology including Elastique Pro and Harmony. BIAB has the Audio Chord Wizard which also extracts chords from audio. I have to believe this is being done with some Zplane technology. I don't think this is available in the VST plugin version though.

BIAB has been around for a long time and is able to go one step further (like Studio One) - have the Style's MIDI and Realtracks obey the chords. I don't own BIAB, but I've read that those Realtracks parts are pitch and tempo modified by Elastique Pro, so I'm not sure if the parts can switch from a major to a minor chord.

Regarding Studio One, it comes with a monophonic version of Melodyne, so I doubt that it is Melodyne which is facilitating all of what their Chord Track and Harmonic Analysis are performing, however, it wouldn't surprise me if it was directly related to ARA2.

As mentioned, now that REAPER has ARA2 support, hopefully there is some technology out there which could enable the implementation of a Chord Track / Harmonic Analysis.
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