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Originally Posted by JohnB47 View Post
"Just to make sure the file is intact, try right-clicking on the link and saving it directly to your hard drive (without first opening it in your web browser)".

That got it Jonas, thanks. The window I mentioned earlier now shows "DrumReplacer 1.09" and it works fine, so hopefully that's OK.

I'll make a better installation instruction in time.

Thanks for putting this together.
Ah, great! The problem was probably that when you first viewed the file in your browser it somehow distorted the content of the file (added line breaks, perhaps?) so that Reaper couldn't read it. Glad you got it working!

Originally Posted by Smurf View Post
Just got to try it out for a few hours today, and it is working 100% fine in 2.54. Again, Thank You for this!
Thanks for testing it! Do post a track or a snippet if you end up using it on something.

- Jonas
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