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Originally Posted by Guido View Post

Thanks for taking ur time for my yeterdaw, Logic, u would simply "lock" the item to SMPTE time... make all ur GRID changes ie tempo changes.. and then un lock the item..done. No ppq manipulation^^

My yesterdaw too, like 5 years ago now! I never did no-click MIDI + audio in Logic so I didn't know of this technique, could be a feature request in this : )

There is no real problem in the REAPER 'ignore' method except that it is counter intuitive, but there is certainly need for improvement when the 'ignoring' MIDI item is split and loses notes.

Of course there is the 'per-item' PITA on top of this, so maybe what we need to do as a FR might be like a global lock MIDI to SMPTE or something?

I'm planning doing quite a lot of MIDI + audio tracking, and to avoid these problems I've been thinking about doing it all to click (I'm working with students, newbies that is)

If REAPER can improve in this area so that tempo changes are straightforward and intuitive it'd be a great thing imo.


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