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Originally Posted by PooFox View Post
I'm really glad there's some discussion on this at least.

This isn't a problem in other DAWs I've used either, so to say that this is a limitation of MIDI is not really acceptable (which is what I've taken from the developer stance on it), because clearly there are solutions in use.

I probably don't understand the technical points of the problem, but seeing as there is currently a (pita) way to make it work in reaper (ignore project tempo in item properties), I can see no reason why MIDI items can't be made to automatically update their internal tempo's to adapt correctly to time or beat (pos only) timebase. There simply MUST be a way to get MIDI items not to stretch in those modes. (and i simply can't imagine how it could be too complicated)

This is something that just glaringly doesn't work in any useable or logical way if you're trying to write a tempo flexible track with both audio and MIDI and ought to be fixed.

But at least the notes are staying in their item containers now, so maybe we're getting closer?


Ditto! Thats it!

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