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Originally Posted by PooFox View Post
I say we make a bug report since there's no forum for completing incomplete features. It's not a request for something new, just for something rather old to work as expected.

The main problem imo is that the concept of timebase is inherently confusing, so most people don't know what to expect from it anyway. It's taken me a very long time to be able to grasp what's actually wrong.

MIDI and audio need to respond the same to it or it's only good for audio projects and building frustration.

What if the item container itself provided the auto-calculated tempo information for its contents based on how we manipulated it? When we're in time or beats (pos only) timebase modes, Reaper is changing the size of the item when tempo is altered, when it should not. To my mind, it seems like Reaper is unnecessarily DOING something to the items at this point. Just a thought.

Tempo Ruler should be a reference point, not unwieldy beast with a mind of its own.

Agreed. The last part about the item container Im still chewing on...hmmm cmon brain^^

I think the behavior should be the same for Audio and midi...therefore yjr way it is now is unexpected behavior. This bug makes making a tempo map to an already recorded midi performance dam impractical.

if u think about it , it must be harder technically to do it w audio, if u go back far enuff u'll remember that even 8mhz machines with 2 MEG of ram could do the midi end, midi manipulation just takes less cpu stuff.

Will someone make the tracker thingie?


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