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Originally Posted by hamish View Post

The fact that MIDI items don't behave as expected is (I believe, and as PF says) because the items don't have their own tempo map in the sequence.

This works fine when you import a MIDI file without any map, it is just laid out to the existing tempo map (because it is ALWAYS beat: position/length/rate)

Saying this is = Bug: MIDI items don't have timebase mode is not the best option.

What may be better is FR: Give MIDI items audio-like Item timebase: 'Time' mode
I don't follow you 100% but I think we're on the same page. I was suggesting that the item containers follow timebase and inform the contents of where they should be instead of the timeline, since obviously now it only works right for audio. But maybe you ought to go ahead make an FR in addition to my bug report so this can get addressed one way or another. There seems to be surprisingly little discussion on this subject and I think it's because these issues make timebase in Reaper even more confusing than it already is.
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