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Originally Posted by Ollie View Post
They probably added REAPER for its price to that comparison, suggesting that this could be considered an alternative to the otherwise entry-level software they presented, for more ambitioned newcomers. That it has a steeper learning curve (like any other "full" DAW package would have) is self-evident for us but maybe not for the reader shopping for an affordable and not too complicated software for the weekends, and they might appreciate the hint about the higher demands of REAPER. In other words, having subjectively more potential to frustrate newcomers is a property of any complex DAW and how REAPER compares in that field with other DAWs in its own league was not subject of the test and also remains a matter of preferences.
I find this comment a bit defensive. Looks like you have just dismissed the fact that OP and german computer magazine reviewers have found Reaper not so suitable for new users because of it's
Originally Posted by typewriter View Post
multi window cluttered UI
"Multi window cluttered UI" is definitely not something that every "full" DAW has. For example Logic Pro, Pro Tools and Ableton Live have much cleaner UI design. I can see that many users find Reaper's UI cluttered and not very organized. It kind of lacks the UI design part that many other full DAWs have.

If you don't agree, then please explain in more detail what kind of functions and features in Reaper cannot be implemented without "Multi window cluttered UI".

I agree that all "full" DAWs have a steeper learning curve than the entry level DAWs. But that was probably not the point of the OP. I think it was about the unnecessary clutter.

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